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Cancer Research Initiative

The Bluestone Center is implementing a Cancer Research Initiative to help patients who suffer from symptoms related to cancer and cancer treatment.  The initiative will also provide mentorship for the next generation of healthcare providers and scientists in this important but neglected field.
Chronic cancer pain is a major public health problem because no effective pain treatments are available for many types of cancer and because patients are living longer despite their affliction. Patients undergoing treatment for a large variety of cancers suffer from oral complications secondary to cancer or cancer treatment. These complications often necessitate premature cessation of therapy which in turn can lead to increased cancer progression. With the clinical integration of emerging genomic technologies, cancer progression will become more predictable. 

Our Cancer Research Initiative capitalizes on the Bluestone Center’s clinical and research resources aimed at improving quality of life for patients suffering from cancer. The program consists of the following initiatives:

  1. A specimen bank to store biological materials that can be utilized
       as a genomic archive.
  2. A cadre of investigators studying the basic mechanisms underlying cancer
       symptoms to facilitate better patient treatment, conduct clinical trials and
       generate new knowledge.
  3. A training program within a multi-disciplinary clinic to spearhead clinical
       research in the fields of pain, symptomatology, and oncology.
  4. A referral network allowing health care providers to refer their patients for
       clinical care and the opportunity for enrollment in clinical trials.

If you are interested in participating in or learning more about the Cancer Research Initiative, please call Dr. John Dolan, Bluestone's Associate Director of Research and Development, at 212-992-7190.